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Kwiqsoft Portfolio


A Hosting Provider Company

He has in-depth experience and insight into the web hosting industry and is set to set a dynamic technological revolution.


India's travel booking tour operator

It provides premium and quality services to its users worldwide such as tour packages, hotels, flights, destination etc.


A Delicious food maker

It offers a wide variety of pizzas and burgers to its users worldwide at the best prices.

Marketing You

A Business Consulting enterprise

It provides consulting services to businesses to achieve their organizational goals. We have different consulting practices, namely Sales, Finance, Branding, Human Resources.

Christie Dowson

Best fitness trainer provider

It becomes famous for changing lives by helping celebrities, athletes, bodybuilders achieve their personal potential.


One-stop hub for all event

From the choice of venue to hotel booking, hospitality, catering etc. we tackle everything you need to make your event memorable.


All solution for your beauty needs

It is a great alternative to the old wedding planning process, We offer hair cuts, hair extensions, hair coloring, keratin treatment, makeup and more.


We have worked for several innovator companies who have interesting task for us. Here is what our clients have to say about the magic we create.

Sumit Bhatt, Delhi

Manish Singh, Mumbai

Shahrukh, New Delhi

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